Talking about creativity and innovation, I started to think about the most innovative thing ever existed in life. I’m thinking about Photocopy machine. Oh that is the most innovative thing, do you realized? It is such a super helpful machine which can give us many advantages, such as copying your documents, scanning paper, and even copy it to 8 times bigger from its original size!

that dearly beloved copying machineour dearly beloved copying machine

Now, can you imagine, how your life’s gonna be without Photocopy machine; you have to write all of that college material and college books all by yourself. Or, you should make your design 8x larger from its original size all over again from the start. God bless the inventor of Photocopy Machine. Even was found like, a century ago, it will be useful for the next century, even when you have a super multitasking gadget like Blackberry or even smarter, you will still need that Photocopy machine. Your gadget still can not multiplied the books you borrowed from the library. Err.. by the way, this is Indonesia, man! Copying books and people’s work is still common in our daily life. If not, you will left behind and it is hard for you to keep up with everyone’s work. You disagree? I don’t care, baby.